The Day of the Covenant

November 25, 2019

presented by the Bahá'í Community of Minneapolis

This year, the Bahá’í Community of Minneapolis is partnering with the Holy Day Committee to create our first fully collaborative, crowd-sourced program to celebrate the Day of the Covenant! All members of the community are invited to contribute to the construction of this year's celebration with submissions inspired by the theme of this year’s program:

“I am with you always.”


Which writings, prayers, stories, songs, poems, even art work and photographs, celebrate and embody this most personal yet universal promise? We want to see and hear all of it – everything that moves you to contemplate and celebrate our eternal connection to the Creator and his Manifestations. We will construct the program presented on November 25th from everything we receive.

You can send us your submissions in two ways:

  • Complete the form included below to upload files or send us text, links, descriptions, etc.

  • Email your submissions to


Be sure to include your full name and indicate whether you mind having your name included as a contributor or if you'd prefer to be anonymous.

Shoghi Effendi told us that the beloved Master was “the embodiment of every Bahá’í ideal, the incarnation of every Bahá’í virtue, the Most Mighty Branch sprung from the Ancient Root…” We hope that this year, we will come together to celebrate that which we all hope to reach.

Please send your submissions no later than Tuesday, November 19th and feel free to contact us anytime with your questions.

We can't wait to see everything you send!

The Holy Day Committee
Susan, Joe and Tiffany

Information about the Bahá'i Faith is available here.

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